Photovoltaic Shingles – How to Use

Experts have said that the technology of using photovoltaic cells and photovoltaic shingles is a drastic breakthrough in the harnessing of solar power. Analysis is ongoing for additionally development in the solar power technology and you can expect even smaller and more practical solar power systems made available in the near future. Solar panels and photovoltaic shingles are two great ways to capture the sun's energy on the roof of your home. Most roofing companies install and repair both solar panels and photovoltaic shingles. Both types of solar energy collectors work on the same principle. When the sunlight hits the photovoltaic semiconductor material in the panel or in the shingle; This is then converted to direct current via diodes. Solar panels and photovoltaic shingles are only a couple of the areas in which solar is shining. Add all of the new solar technologies to the rising cost of coal power and solar power make a lot of sense. Each choice has pros and cons you should consider before you decide which option is for you. Some choices you can dictate, but some are controlled by the location and design of your house alone.

Solar panel roof tiles are made with built-in photovoltaic cells and are designed to blend in with most types of roof tiles wherever they are concrete, slate, or shingle. Each solar tile has a connector and the tiles are wired together during installation. The PV shingles have textures that are similar to those of asphalt and can be nailed onto your roof like a standard shingle, except that each one has wire leads that extend about a foot from the base of the shingle, passing through the deck of the roof to make interior electrical connections within the roof that much easier.

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