Patio Roofing is a Great Way to Extend Your Living Space

A patio roof is a great way to extend your living area outdoors while still retaining some protection from the elements, whether that is shade from the hot sun or protection from rain or snow. As many people like to sit in the fresh air, a patio roof is a great way to ensure that you can do it all year long. I myself love to sit and watch and listen to the rain (Obviously not whilst sitting in it!), And luckily for me I get the opportunity very often as I live in England. With a patio roof you an opportunity to do this, and on the flip side; If you're lucky enough to live in a hot country it can give you that added bit of shade so you can sit and enjoy the midday heat, while keeping out of direct sunlight.

Patio roof designs lend themselves to all different styles and shapes of patio areas, and depending on material, offer much flexibility in design that meets your needs. The main design decision that you need to make is whether you would like patio roof that is attached to the house or whether it can be a freestanding structure. Obviously your garden or patio layout may make this decision for you if it is not adjacent to your house.

Some people like to construct a roof for the patio themselves but in my opinion, unless you are extremely handy with tools or have extensive DIY knowledge then you may wish to employ a professional.

A professional will not only help you draw up your patio roof plans and aid in design, but they will also be able to advise you on the best materials to use in your particular situation. Most will offer a structure made of wooden posts with concrete footings for stability, with wooden beams or rafters to support the roof. The roof material itself will often depend on what effect you are looking for and your budget.

Wood is a very safe design, which whilst being reliably cheap can look exceptional and also very natural. The downfall of using wood for your roof is the need for maintenance on a regular basis especially if the wood is not furnished prior to the construction of your patio roof.

Metals, specifically aluminum, offer many different varieties of design and color and usually have lower maintenance costs. If the right metal is chosen, then it can be a relatively cheap affair but can sometimes be difficult to blend sympathetically with your garden.

Fiberglass, plastics or glass can be a great choice especially if you want to allow in a little light and warmth because it creates a greenhouse type effect. It helps to keep the space underneath the roof warm which is especially ideal in cooler climates.

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