Japanese Airports Reopen: Private Aircrafts Charters Are An Evalualable Resource

After devastating earthquakes, a tsunami, and a possible nuclear meltdown, people are anxious to depart Japan. Charter jet companies are seeing an increase in inquiries and sales with airports recently reopening, as individuals make preparations to escape the destruction at any cost.

By rerouting flights and reducing air traffic to the nation, commercial airlines are making matters more stressful. The most flown airline in the United States, United Airlines, has already cut 10% of their allotted flights in April and intends to increase that to 14% in May. Delta Airlines is also making preparations to decrease their flights to and from Japan by 20% before May. They have said that the cuts are in response to the decrease in air traffic coming and departing out of Japan, but this may cause unrest as they reopen airports and begin to accommodate more air travel in the near future as the country struggles to recover from their Recent horrors.

On March 11th, a tidal wave hit the northeast coast of Japan during the tsunami, and the ground floor of the Sendai International Airport was flooded and fires errupted in the car ports and hangars, trapping most of the passengers and staff on the upper floors. In other areas of the complex, others had to seek refuge on the roof for 48 hours before rescuers arrived. An estimated 28,000 individuals have been reported dead or missing as vehicles, aircraft and even homes were washed across the runway during the destruction.

With the assistance of the US Air Force, the airport is planned to reopen in three weeks. Travelers and nationalities alike are anxious to leave the area and relocate or join family in other parts of the globe in order to flee the disaster and start to rebuild their lives. With airlines reducing their flights to Sendai International, and other Japanese airports, travel plans are even more difficult to book for the survivors of this horror.

The disaster in Japan has caused inflated demand for private charter jet accommodations. Chartering a private jet provides many with an alternative to the delays and cancellations associated with commercial travel during a disaster. Many are deciding to charter a jet and confirm a speedy and easy departure out of the chaos instead of waiting for delayed flights in packed airports while attempting to get out of Japan. Companies in need of executive jet charter are citing on this option as many airports have reopened, and many more continue to over the next couple of weeks.

The choice of chartering a jet is more inviting than ever before for some people trying to fly to and from Japan. Although a lot individuals would prefer to experience a private jet flight under happier conditions, they are seeing the worth of efficient and timely travel accommodations in the wake of this horrible tragedy.