Importance of Speed Humps

Speed humps are traffic calming device which plays a vital role in safely slowing the speed of a vehicle. These are rounded raised areas placed across the roadway and are good for locations where very low speed is desired.

They are not just the most common and efficient way of reducing the speed of the vehicles but they can be strategically placed on the streets to make convenient walkways for the people.

They are placed on the roads that are across residential or school areas where high-speed driving can result to dangerous accidents. To avoid any accidents, these are placed on the road to break the speed of any vehicle up to 90 % and making it safe for the people to walk around the road.

In a way it act as sleeping policeman who work like a traffic policeman to slow down the speed of a vehicle and save our lives.

High-tech world has not left anything untouched and same goes for speed humps also. Conventional concrete and asphalt humps are being replaced by rubber, heavy-duty steel, rubber with cable protector, and many other advance materials for high durability and safety. Rubber is preferred over conventional material for its durability, sturdiness, high-visibility and cost-effectiveness.

They cannot be created by anyone as it is a product of tough engineering. Every manufacturer of these traffic calming devices have to meet the Standards drawn by the Government to maintain the quality of the product.

These are of different sizes, material and shapes depending upon the requirement of that particular area. They are customized according to the requirement of an area. It depends on how much reduction in speed is to be acquired after crossing the speed hump and whether to reduce the speed gradually or abruptly, this is achieved by customized heights and widths of the speed humps.

Studies have found that speed humps, on average, reduced traffic volume by 18% and collisions by 13%.

Thus, these days they act as self-speed-check on high speeding cars and are must-haves for safe life.

Rubber over concrete and asphalt speed humps

If you are thinking for a better traffic calming solutions instead of conventional concrete and asphalt speed humps then rubber speed bumps is the answer for your question.

Rubber traffic calming devices are growing rapidly in popularity for many reasons.

Rubber speed humps are durable and can bear large traffic volumes continuously. They are sturdy too. Unlike asphalt speed bumps rubber do not need regular maintenance as rubber deteriorates slower than latter. Rubber humps are pre-designed so are easy to install too.

Low maintenance means low expenditure and less labor as they are easy to remove and install.

In case the road is getting repaved they are easy to remove and re-install.

Another plus point of using rubber humps over concrete or asphalt humps are it’s pre-shaped designs. Being pre-shaped it saves the time and energy of the engineers and laborers in manually constructing traffic calming devices.

Rubber solutions have high visibility. The markings on them are made from highly visible highway tapes which are easily visible from distance and especially at night, making driving safe.

Apart, from these features rubber solutions are more attractive and give a clean appearance on the road than conventional ones.

Rubber is cheaper than asphalt. Thus, it is a cost-effective material.