How To Remove Mold In Your Home

One of the issues that can occur in and around the home is water damage. This may come from water from outside resources, such as a leaky roof when it rains, but it can also come from inside sources as well. This is often seen when water pipes burst and at times, the water may be running for quite some time before you are aware of it. Unfortunately, that water can lead to an even more sinister problem which is mold. If you have mold, it is important for you to make sure that you call in a professional mold removal company that can take care of the problem for you. What can you expect from such a company?

First of all, it is important for you to determine what type of mold is in the home. There are various types of mold, some being more damaging than others. Black mold is among the worst that is seen and it can not only cause damage to the home, it can cause permanent damage to your respiratory health as well. Black mold removal is possible but it is often going to require the remediation company to come into the house for several days or even a week.

The first step in the process of black mold removal is to get rid of any of the damaged items, including drywall, furniture and flooring. Depending upon the severity of the mold and local regulations, this will need to be done by a remediation company in a very specific way. Typically, a barrier will be put up inside the home to contain any of the mold that may be released during the removal of those items.

After the offending items have been removed, chemicals are going to be applied to kill any mold that exist in the area. This may differ, depending upon the type of home that you have. For example, a concrete block home is going to be sprayed with certain chemicals directly on the concrete block. Those chemicals may also be used on a wood frame home although they may be used differently. During the time that those chemicals are sprayed and for several days after the mold or mediation process is completed, air scrubbers are going to run in the home continually. Those scrubbers contain HEPA filters which will trap any of the airborne mold which could be a problem.

The final part of the process is either going to be done by the remediation company or it is going to be done by the homeowner. Everything in the home is going to need to be wiped down with a mild chemical, such as simple green. This will help to remove any of the mold that may still exist in the home. Keep in mind, even if the mold is dead, it may still put off VOCs that would be harmful to individuals who are sensitive to the mold or who may have a difficulty with breathing. After that takes place, you should be able to enjoy your home once again without fear of that harmful problem any longer.

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