How to Get Energy Using Photovoltaic Panels

What should I understand before buying a photovoltaic system?

The first step in energy home improvement is energy saving. This does not mean going back to the Stone Age, or become an environmental extremist, but simply take small consistent steps to consume less.

Once you understand how much you spend in electricity with your devices, you can understand how to save and what type of system to buy.

What is the productivity of a photovoltaic system for the production of electricity?

The Sun also can give 100% of the electricity needed to our home. Unfortunately solar photovoltaic installations have a much lower yield of solar thermal systems, which are used to heat water, and therefore we must cover an area greater than the roof.

Unfortunately the solar photovoltaic costs much, and not always we can allow a facility sufficient to cover our annual requirements of electric current.

How much savings annually?

Practically every one of us can decide how much to save electricity, simply by buying a plant more or less powerful, according to an annual consumption of how many KWh We consume every year.

A house of 4 people with low light bulbs use, no air conditioners, heating and gas cookers, the normal consumption is around 1500 -2500 Kwh a year.

While in a house of 4 people, where there are no such conditions above, the annual consumption is around 3.000-4.000 KWh.

How much spent on solar photovoltaic installation and maintenance?

The photovoltaic systems are usually sold under KWh in producing ideal conditions for irradiation.

An installation base is 1,200 Wp (means that under optimal conditions produces 1200 watts peak) and produces about 1,300 / 1,500 KWh per year (cloudy climate), while 1.600-2.000 KWh per year (sunny climate). It costs approximately 5,000 US Dollars 6,500.

While a 2,000 Wp plant costs about 8.000 US Dollars (installation and transportation included).

However the cost of the facility may deduct the tax recovery see the new tax credit approved by the congress in 2008.

These types of solar systems do not require special maintenance, wishing you can clean the various photovoltaic panels every 2-3 years, although usually the same remaining fairly clean by rain and wind.

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