How To Find A Good Commercial Roofing Contractor

How much do you know about flat roofing systems? Most flat roofing systems are installed with a commercial product called modified bitumen, also referred to as a torch down or torch on system. A crash course in hiring a roofer can save you time and money so read on to see why this is important.

This product can be applied a number of different ways by roofing contractors. Some roofers take short cuts when applying a torch down system because it will increase profits, so be careful who you hire. Depending on the coverage needed and if it's a new roof or an additional system going overtop existing, will determine how it is installed.

When looking for a roofer you want to exercise caution because some roofing companies bidding on projects will say they are installing a 15 year material when they only deliver a 10 or 12 year product. Being proactive before awarding the bid is one thing, but you will also want to check materials as they arrive.

Flat Roof Torch Down Requirements for Warranty

Every manufacturer wants the roofer installing their product to be properly licensed, but not all are. Check to see if they have proper licensing, which tells you that their work is inspected on a regular basis, and the manufacturer validates that they are able to carry out the detail work to their specifications.

If the materials are not installed per the manufacturer's specs, then the supplies have no warranty. In essence, if you do not hire a manufacturer's licensed installer, you have no protection. Ask that the contractor supply you with warranty documentation from the manufacturer for the materials you have in your contract.

Roof Inspections

A good suggestion is to get an agreement on who does the roof inspection ahead of time. Do not settle for just any old roof inspector, insist on a 3rd party envelope consultant to inspect the work. That way the contractor has no wiggle room and can not take the usual short cuts. A 3rd party envelope consultant will hold the roofing contractors feet to the fire and make sure you get what you pay for.

For instance he will look to see that the contractor has delivered enough coating material to the work site so they can apply the system properly. He will check details around vents and up the edges to ensure the seals are up to specification. Building codes need to be met, and so on.

One last thing that proves how good a roofing company is will be how long they have been operating under the same name. One tell-tale sign of a slick operator is a new company name. A little detective work can remember a roofer who has operated under numerous names over the years to avoid litigation. Always ask for proof and documentation on things like liability insurance, WCB, manufacturer certification, local business license and so on. Put their feet to the fire before you sign a contract. Better to spend a few days finding a quality roofing company than regret the mistake ten years later.

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