How To Choose The Right Shingle For Your House

Differences between Fiberglass and Organic Asphalt Shingles

The most popular choice in roofing material is the asphalt shingle. They are very popular because of many reasons. According to the research carried out, asphalt shingles are used by 75% of house owners in America. These shingleles are so very popular because they are available in various price ranges and are also available in variety of sizes. The warranty period is real extended. It is 20-40 years!

Asphalt roofing shinglees are available in various types. One of them is the fiberglass based, mat based roof shingles and the other type is the organic based, mat based shingle.

Fiberglass shingle

Fiber glass shingles are light weight. They appear thinner too. It is so because their backing has been made from fiberglass which is a light and thin martial. A typical asphalt shingle bundle can weigh anything between 70 to 140lbs. There are usually 3 bundles of shingles for each square, ie 100 sq feet of each square. So the lightweight fiberglass shingles are easier for the roofer to carry up the ladder. Another added benefit is that they are more fire resistant and the warranty offered is also for a longer period as compared to organic shingles.

Organic shingles

The organic based, mat based shingle are very heavy and their finish is not as smooth as fiber based shingle. The mat of the organic based shinglees is made from asphalt and felt paper. They become heavier because in a fiber glass shingle, less asphalt is used where in organic shingles more asphalt is used, and asphalt makes them heavy. On the other hand organic shingle are more flexible but they are more water absorbing in nature and so have a tendency to wrap after a certain period. Because of these reasons, fiberglass shingles are more popular in the central and southern parts of the USA. The organic shingles are more popular in the northern part of the USA.

If you are using organic shingles for your home then you must take the precaution that they comply with the ASTM D 3452 standards and also notice that they comply with ASTM D 225 standards too. It is becoming increasingly mandated by municipalities that the shingles meet these compliances. Here you should read the label on the shingles and check that these standards are met with. The shingles, both fiberglass and organic can be anywhere in the price range of $ 25 and $ 80 per square.

Most commonly shingles these days are the 3D shingles. They have been prevalent since since a long time but there is a growing trend for architectural shingles too. The home owners are moving towards these shingles because despite the architectural shingles are a little expensive, they are easy to install and you do not need much maintenance either. The lines appear straight and neat. Thus these shingles have a longer warranty period too.

On the other hand great care is to be taken by the roofer when he is installing 3D shingles to see that they are installed in straight lines. It is much easier to install architectural shingles. They are so designed that they give an effect of shadows and designs, so slight imperfection in laying down the design is not visible. They cost more than the 3D shingles but they make up the increased cost in low installation cost.

Here you must select the proper shingles for your house with utmost care. If they are not properly installed they can cause sever water damage and consequent high repairing and maintaining costs.

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