How to Build a Chicken Run

Part of learning how to build a chicken run, is knowing your chickens. Chickens, much like any other bird prefer to spend the daylight hours out in the fresh air and sunshine whenever possible. They need an area of ​​ground where they can exercise and scratch at the ground for bugs, worms and minerals as part of their diet. If you are planning to have laying hens, they will need anywhere from 10 to 14 hours of fresh air and daylight to keep them laying continously.

Selecting the right area in your yard is also part of learning how to build a chicken run. You should check with your local authority to see if they have any regulations regarding where you can build your run. Checking with your neighbors might also be a good idea if you want to stay on good terms with them. Your selected area should be a spot that lasts well drained and if possible provides a little shade for them beyond the coop.

Also when considering how to build a chicken run you need to be aware of predators. There are many types of predators that will eat your flock if you do not protect them adequately. Using chicken wire to build your chicken run is fine, you will need to bury it several inches into the ground. This is to prevent animals such as dogs, foxes, rats and even cats from digging their way into your run. This buried section should slope out as it goes down to further discourage digging.

When looking at how to build a chicken run take moment o consider the size of birds you will be raising, they will be smaller and able to fly or larger and less likely to fly. If they might fly then you should put a mesh roof on your run. Not only will this help to keep them in but it will also help to keep flying predators such as hawks and owls from inviting your chicken run at night. By keeping them safe you will have access to fresh eggs and meat for years to come.

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