How Does A Remote Control On A Gate Actually Work?

Automatic gates or garage doors have always had a certain novelty about them. But when there is a power shortage, or the machinery is faulty, how do these gates open? Is it better using remote controls on gates, or should you stick to automatic ones instead? What’s the difference? The below text aims to explain.

Automatic gates vs. Remote Control Gates

More and more people are relying on electronic gates these days because they provide an extensive security measure. Automatic gates, for example, detect authorized vehicles through a sensor that is attached or latched in a vehicle and swing open. Remote controlled gates, on the other hand, are “manually” opened when the driver presses the button on his remote.

The great thing about automatic gates is that if a vehicle that drives by does not have a sensor the gates won’t open. For remote gates, however, there are universal remotes that can be programmed by the user according to the brand and style of gate. So if, you need more than one remote for your gate, you can buy a universal one and program it. If you somehow manage to lose your remote, you are advised to modify the entire system. It’s too risky, knowing that your remote is somewhere out there.

Remote Control Mechanism

How do remote controls for gates work? They works just the same as the remote control on your television and your car. You press a button, which sends a signal to the receiver attached to your gate, and once this signal is received, the gate opens. As mentioned above, it’s pretty easy to buy a universal remote for your electronic gate system if ever you need more than one.

The best advantage of remote control gates is that most systems now are backed up with a battery. Meaning, if the power is cut in your home, you can still enter the house with your remote. This comes pretty handy during severe weather conditions, when blackouts are highly probable.

Remote control systems are pretty easy to install on your existing gate. You don’t need a complete refurbishment of your front yard or garage to have an automated gate. There are hundreds of companies online that you can look up and buy your remote control system, or you can just buy them and install them all by yourself, to save up on the labour costs. Either way, there are a lot of options out there. Just remember that the system you install must be accordant to your gate. If you have a swing gate, then you have to get a swing gate opener, not a sliding gate system.

Remote controls for gates and garage doors are pretty nifty inventions. They save you a lot of time and effort from getting out of the car and walking to the gate and garage door. They also keep you dry when you come home during those rainy days. It’s true that they might cost a handful during installation. But the added security and convenience are unquestionably worth it.