Glass Patio Roof – Why Choose Glass For a Patio Roof?

A patio typically brings a bit of the outside world in to your house. Glass as a patio roof cover therefore serves the purpose best. What better material than glass to let in the light and give that light airy feel? With a glass patio roof you can enjoy a panoramic view of the outdoors and enjoy the benefits of natural light even during the low light seasons. You get the warmth during winter and feel the cooling effect of nature in the warmer months!

Glass is the ideal choice for roofing material if you want maximum sunlight but complete protection from the elements. However, glass is relatively expensive, heavy and fragile. It is also a risky material to work with. There are also strict building codes regarding the use of glass in overhead applications. One distinct advantage of glass patio roof is that you can enjoy it throughout the year. You can bask in the sunshine without fear of the elements getting the better of you.

You can let your imagination run freely and be truly creative in many ways, especially since glass comes in various tints and colors. A glass patio roof allows you to bring the outdoors inside your home. A patio with a glass roof allows you to allow nature without being exposed to the elements. You keep out the uncomfortable weather but let in the warmth of the sunshine.

The glass patio roof cover can be combined with aluminum interiors and frames for a contemporary look. When a glass patio roof is combined with wooden interiors like beams with pine or oak finish, it gives a more classic and solid look to the patio. Here formal elegance blends perfectly with casual comfort.

While enjoying a sunny and warm patio, you would certainly not want too much of glare or heat to spoil your fun. The glass that is used for the purpose has to have the optimum thermal resistance to make it comfortable in winter and save your energy costs. To make the natural light of the patio glare free, the glass should ideally have a visible light transmittance below 60. Moreover, the double glazed glass used for the patio roof covering is also strong enough to withstand damages from natural phenomena like hail storms or seismic disturbances. Durable rubberized seals are used to cushion the glass so that rain water does not leak and drip on to your garden furniture.

Keeping the glass roof of the patio clean is not a problem either. Manufacturers use a fine invisible coating of silicon dioxide and titanium dioxide applied to the outside of the glass to make easy cleaning possible.

So with a glass patio roof you can enjoy Mother Nature at all times of the year without suffering the UV rays, heat, winds and the bugs. So no more waiting for ideal conditions to have a picnic or laze in the sun. You can make a seamless addition to your home, enjoy the outdoors and relax in your own backyard with a glass covered patio.

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