EPDM Roofing – No More Leaks?

Because of the effects of the weather, most roofs will eventually leak. If you are one of the home owners out there who have been struggling to remedy a leaking roof, then you will be happy to find out that there is such a thing as EPDM rubber roofing.

EPDM, or Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, has been used by millions of customers worldwide because of its effectiveness in remedying the problem of leaking. Best of all, it is affordable because you do not need a professional to do the work for you (that will only mean added cost.) It is so easy to do that you can do all the fixing yourself.

This roofing material has been extensively used throughout the years, specifically in roofing applications, because it has survived the toughest climates for more than a decade. There have been very few problems when it comes to water leaking. EPDM has two varieties: there is the black version, then there is the white one.

Black EPDM

Black EPDM is a roofing membrane that contains a flexible type of rubber material that is available in thicknesses of 45 mil (as thick as a dime), 60 mil (as thick as a quarter) and 90 mil (as thick as two dimes). Because of its flexibility and strength, black EPDM can be contoured to the unusual shapes of any roof. It can be purchased in sheets that are up to 50 feet wide and 100 feet long.

Studies prove that black EPDM roofs are water-tight and can withstand over-exposure to water, ozone, heat, ultraviolet radiation and thermal cycling. Most stores carrying the black variety also come with a 20 year warranty against factory defects and the effects of the weather.

The White Version

On the other hand, White EPDM is easier to install because of the low maintenance, clean appearance, temperature insulation and noise insulation qualities it has, as compared to the black variety roofing membranes. The efficiency of the white EPDM compared to the black one has been discovered by consumers, therefore more house boats, residential flats and mobile homes have used white rather than black. Like the black EPDM, the white version is also sold in sheets, ranging from 9.5 feet wide and 100 feet long.

Doing It Yourself

More and more home owners and home builders are getting into the EPDM bandwagon primarily because of its easy installation. EPDM can be installed in large sheets and therefore, it’s less laborious as compared to other materials. Home builders and home owners should follow the recommended methods faithfully when it comes to installing the products to ensure the stability of their homes for the years to come.

Installing EPDM is a do-it-yourself process. If you prefer to have detailed instructions for doing so, then you can refer to the installation instructions as provided by the CD and the manual that comes with the products. Every material you will need in the process is included in the package that will be delivered to your home, so it should be a relatively simple project.