Contracts, Comp Plans, Smoke and Mirrors

Education sows the seeds of Truth, and Truth will set you Free!

You'll see with thorough investigation that companies that hype the big pay outs will math out somewhere between 4 to 10% average commission to the part time affiliate. Matching bonuses are out of reach for this group, and attrition rates through the roof.

They make compensation plans so difficult for the average person to understand, most do not bother. Through all the smoke and mirrors the math reveals the truth, how long and hard you will have to work to earn the elusive 6 figure income.

What I've found is start with the contract, Policies and Procedures, and give them a word by word evaluation, highlighting all the flags that unfairly favor the company over the distributor. Take them to an attorney if you need help, it will save you much time and expense in the long run!

Phrases such as ono training and support, mean you can never retire. I've seen word that states the company has the option to renew on a yearly membership which means they can opt to not renew you and keep your check.

It's common to find that the company has the final say in all matters, and you give up the right to a jury trial in case of litigation. If you die, your heirs will have to work the business as you have to keep the check, good luck my child!

If you find a contract such as this, you will never have to worry about the cost of the products, or the compensation plan, Run, Run, Run! I truly believe that these contracts have been created by the same attorney's, and templates out there for any company to use.

A good rule of thumb is any contract over 10 pages will come back to haunt you later, and you'll find the good stuff on page 50, so read it from the end to the beginning.

Pre-LUNCHES, good luck even finding the Contract, most will not show you anything until after you have already signed up! They will have you for LUNCH!