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You need to compare roofing shingles before deciding on a new roofing for your home. It is absolutely necessary to have a choice of products to select from as every person's tastes different but, not having too much choice sometimes defeats the very purpose of it. People get confused about the best option to select and wish they had few options! When there are few options it is easy to compare the qualities and pick one that is most suited to our needs. This article will guide you through the process of comparing and selecting the best shingles.

Roofing shingles are available in different types, styles and are manufactured by a variety of manufacturers. The first thing to compare of course whenever the product meets our budget. Something beyond our budget is not worth considering unless the product said is vastly superior and worth the high price. Still, if you can not afford it there is no point in trying to compare it with cheaper versions as the expensive ones will be generally superior. There will be a lot of differences between a 3-tab asphalt shingle and slate shingle. Other factors which will greatly make a difference include local are and geography of the place. Weather, climate and general roof style of the area will affect your roofing choices.

So, the variables are plenty and its makes comparing difficult. Still, we will include a few important factors on which to compare roofing shingles.

Asphalt shingle: These are very popular and dominate the roofing market. It is available in a wide selection of choices and price points. They are resistant to most weather conditions, are durable and strong and light-weight. The last factor makes them very easy to install. The basic form of asphalt shingleles are the 3-tab shingle available in several different shades of color.

Laminated asphalt shingles also known as architectural shingles have more depth and color so, the roofs have a variegated appearance. This compares well with slate or cedar wood shake shingles. These slightly more expensive asphalt shingleles are suitable for buildings and especially for heritage buildings. When you compare roofing shingles of this caliber you generally end up choosing architectural shingles.

Other factors will also stand out when you start to compare roofing shingles like the fact that some shingles have an organic base while others are fiberglass based. The organic base shingles are strong and have better insulation but risky because of risk of fire. The fiberglass based ones are made with granules of ceramic and minerals which are embedded into a mat and these help in reflecting sun's radiation. Green enthusiasts may prefer organic based asphalt shingles while those heading for lower energy costs will choose fiberglass variants. Either way you will be benefiting the environment.

Compare Roofing Shingles Of Different Materials

When you compare roofing shingles made of different materials you will find that metal panels are becoming a popular choice in residential and commercial applications. They are manufactured to look like other types of roofing like asphalt, architectural, slate and cedar wood shake roofing. They are clean-cut and neat looking providing durability and long-life. The life span can run into several decades. This is the main reason why they are expensive. But, the cost of installation and maintenance works out much cheaper.

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