Commercial Roof Repair Tax Breaks

Did you know that the Federal government is offering great tax breaks for any improvements in your home or commercial building that leads to energy savings? These tax breaks can be applied to any roof-related changes such as installation of green roofs or other technology to reduce energy costs.

Replace Roofs For Sustainability

As roofs age, they begin to deteriorate and ever need to be replaced. The weather may play havoc with roofing of all types also and lack of maintenance can further damage them. During financially hard times, replacements costs are the last thing you need. However you will be glad to know that you maybe eligible for tax discounts when you choose to replace your roof. For example, those made out of metal and asphalt shinglees are eligible for tax credits of up to $ 1500. Also, those which bear the Energy Start label are eligible for a number of tax breaks.

Tax Breaks To Save the Environment

A high performance roof which contributes to energy savings is a powerful asset. When installed properly (under the guidance of an experienced roofing contractor), the building's energy consumption will be reduced by almost 40%. These savings are generated immediately and last for decades, which is good for your home, business and the environment also.

An experienced roofing contractor can help you with a green roof which can help you enjoy tax breaks so you do not feel the financial strain of replacing your roof, and benefit with energy savings and a service to match.

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