Calling All Architects: Facade Access and Maintenance Strategy Support

Architects: We Feel Your Pain!

With new CDM regulations now in place, the risks placed on the building designer have changed. There is a greater need to ensure that safe access to the building façade can be obtained for future cleaning and maintenance, but this doesn’t always fall within the remit of the architect.

Many structures built within the past 15 years now require specialist façade cleaning, repair or protection, but due to changes in design or budget exercises by the contractor, access solutions to the façade have been removed from the schemes. This leaves clients with little information or an expensive solution for future maintenance; this does not only apply to access, but also to cleaning methodologies. The result is a client left with minimal information and a potentially sky high building cleaning bill.

Specialist Façade Support for Architects & Building Designers

A service provider needs to support building designers and architects, working with them to ensure that façade access solutions are practical for the façade cleaning, repairs or maintenance in the future.

More importantly they need to work with the architects to help them create more effective maintenance methodologies and programmes, so that the building user can then implement them and the building’s façade condition is retained for the future.

A façade management framework will ensure that the commercial property façade is fully managed and protected within a planned maintenance programme.

CPD Training

You may need clarity and support as a commercial property specialist looking for proven strategies, solutions and answers on how best to tackle issues surrounding façade cleaning and restoration projects.

With so many different building designs, materials, access issues and limitations how do you establish which is the most effective cleaning method? Whether it’s working around the access strategy or ensuring the client receives the best value, there are many queries you may have.

A Top Tip for Anyone Looking to Procure Building/Facade Cleaning

After speaking to a number of façade cleaning companies, you may be finding it difficult to gauge which service provider is going to give you the best results. One company has suggested sandblasting, whilst another has suggested jet washing… where do you go from here and how do you know whose suggestion is the most suitable for your building?

We all need some assurance from time to time, and sometimes independent verification can be the only way to do it.

AAMA and BRE have published a variety of industry whitepapers on façade management which can be invaluable when establishing which service provider is providing you with the appropriate solution.

It’s all about equipping yourself with the correct information to help you make an informed decision about your need to preserve or even ENHANCE your building’s asset value.