Buzz Rack: How A ‘Mosquito’, ‘Spider’ and ‘Beetle’ Can Help Carry Your Bike

Whether you’re a biking enthusiast, a roadie, or just going on a tour around Qatar, you will eventually need to carry your bike on a car. Not inside, of course, since you’d be getting dirt inside your car and, chances are, it won’t fit anyway. It’s also not advisable to hoist your bike on the roof of the car. Fortunately, Buzz Rack offers mounted car racks which are not only affordable, but comes in amusing names.

A “Mozzquito” with a big bite

Mosquitoes are usually annoying, but not the Buzz Rack Mozzquito. Perfect for sedans, SUVs and hatchbacks, the Mozzquito can be mounted at a vehicle’s rear door and can easily carry up to three bikes (maximum 45kg). The carrier is solidly composed of high impact resistant plastic materials and steel. Its cradles and rubber straps, which are easy to use, help secure and position the bikes while its hooks are coated to protect the car scratches. The Mozzquito also has an additional safety strap for increased security. Another benefit of the Mozzquito is that it can be conveniently folded and will not take up so much space in your vehicle.

Let the Beetle carry your load

If your vehicle is a 4×4 with a spare tire at the rear hatch, then the Buzz Rack Beetle should be your carrier of choice. The Beetle’s geometric frame allows quick installation on most spare tires. Constructed from high-impact resistant plastic and steel, the Beetle does not require tools to be assembled. Its hub mechanism also allows you to fold, unfold or adjust the rack with minimal effort. The Beetle can be installed accordingly, whether your spare tire is located on the right or left side of your vehicle.

The Beetle will allow you to carry two bikes, 33 lbs. per bike, on your vehicle’s rear. An additional safety strap is also provided to help secure the bikes in place. For more bike protection, the Beetle has an anti-sway tube covered by a protective pad which also protects the vehicle’s spare wheel.

The Beetle can be easily folded when it is no longer in use and will take up no space in your vehicle.

A spider’s web to secure your bike?

Spider webs are known for its strength and flexibility, which is the reason it’s so effective. The same can be said about the Buzz Rack Spider. The high bike carrier can safely fit three bikes with its bike frame support, straps and hooks. Its mainframe also has a soft foam to protect the bikes. And like most Buzz Rack models, you won’t need and tools to assemble the Spider. The carrier is easily foldable as well. So you can just tuck it off somewhere when you don’t need to use it.

Another good thing about the Spider is that it’s positioned perfectly, so even if the bikes are mounted, the vision behind your vehicle is not impaired. Your license plates are also visible.

When it comes to carrying bikes, these “insects” by Buzz Rack can certainly help you out. They’re not pesky, just really helpful.