Buying Roofing Shingles – A Guide To Buying A New Roof

Buying roofing shingles is not rocket science. But, it does need a little bit research and forethought. Homeowners tend to postpone the decision to go in for a new roof as long as possible. The decision to put-off any repair or replacement of your old roof can prove to be costly. So, here are some pointers to help you get started on the journey to buying new roof shingles for your home.


Before you go out shopping for roof shingles it is important to know how much it will cost you. For this you need to know the roofing area. Measure the roof area and divide it by 100 to get the number of squares. Roofing materials are sold in square which is equal to 100 square feet. Typical homes measures 2200 to 2300 square feet. You need to factor in abut 10 percent for wastage. So, approximately 30 squares of shingles are needed for a typical home.


How many layers of roofing can your roof take? Most roofs can take 3 layers of simple 3-tab asphalt shingles. Beyond that the structure of the roof can get over stressed. Laminated and architectural shingles are heavier and it is better to not overload your roof rafters. Think before buying roofing shingles if you want to choose the light-weight shingles or heavier ones.


Read the fine print about the warranties applicable and under what conditions. Get a warranty from the installer too. Faulty installation means that warranty issued by manufacturer becomes void. Look for full replacement of shingles that are defective. Most companies offer full compensation for replacement for faulty products.

Heavy Or Light:

There are so many options in roofing but consider your choices carefully. Buying roofing shingles that are heavy like laminated shingles can overload your roof rafters. You might need to beef them up, so that can cost you extra dollars. Also, the older layers of shingles need to go and their removal and disposal will set you back by 1000 dollars or more.


Buying roofing shingles becomes difficult because of the huge variety of choices on offer. Asphalt, laminated, architectural, natural slate, natural wood shake, wood shingles, metals – like steel, copper, galvanized aluminum. Then there are other choices like fake slate, fake wood which can be asphalt or metals designed to like the real thing. Asphalt is the most popular choice because of its light-weight, ease of installation and affordability.


Buying roofing shingles with highest fire safety ratings are a must. Look for class A fire rated products. Impact resistance and wind-resistance are based on needs of local needs.

Online or Offline:

There is certain convenience to buying roofing shingles online. The range of choices is more and you can do all the comparison you want and all the browsing you want from the comfort of your home. You can talk to representatives over the phone and place your order on the website or over phone. On the flip side, you really can’t judge quality, second you don’t know about the company’s reputation, so check it out online using Goggle. Also, since you don’t know from where the product is being shipped you might have to pay a hefty amount for shipping, so make sure you get those details before you place your order.

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