Bulldozers Trivia: 5 Interesting Facts That You Need To Know

Bulldozers are tractor-like heavy-duty vehicles that are attached with a wide blade system on the front and an optional ripper at the back. They are mainly used for fine grading, ground leveling, and shoving of large soil or snow piles. Bulldozers are widely used in many industrial applications, such as in landfills, construction, quarrying, and mining.

The blade and ripper are basically the main functional attachments of bulldozers. The ripper is used to loosen the soil and break down rocks embedded in the ground. A bulldozer blade, however, make use of three types of blades – S-blade, U-blade, and S-U blade – for fine grading, carrying and pushing large earth piles.

When it comes to bulldozer vehicles, the Caterpillar Company is undeniably one of the best manufacturers on the market. This company is highly respected for producing top-of-the-line bulldozers that feature great maneuverability, versatility, ergonomic designs, and powerful net horsepower. They have about 300 machines under their belt that includes their caterpillar crawler loader, caterpillar loader wheel, and caterpillar track loader. Up until now, the caterpillar d9 bulldozer is still their most famous model.

Have you ever heard of the Oswalt bulldozer? No, it’s not another brand for a bulldozer. It’s actually the term used to refer to the Caterpillar D6N XL bulldozer that Roy Oswalt of the Houston Astros received when their team won over the St. Louis Cardinals. As promised, he received this $200,000 bulldozer as his victory prize.

Lo Chiamavano Bulldozer (They Called Him Bulldozer) doesn’t involve any actual bulldozer in the movie. It’s actually an Italian movie about a former football athlete who lost his job and end up taking the role of coach for a group of street people in order to help them win against the local army base. With his large and brawny appearance, it’s no wonder he’s compared to a bulldozer.

June 4, 2004 sparks an unpleasant memory for the people of Granby, Colorado. The Granby Colorado bulldozer, which is a Komatsu D335A, was used by Marvin John Heemeyer, who was mad over a zoning dispute, to destroy every structure in Granby. Fortunately, there were no reported casualties. Clearly, a bulldozer can be a weapon of mass destruction when it falls under the wrong hands.

You might be wondering what the world’s largest bulldozer is. For most people, they consider the Komatsu D575A-3SD as the biggest bulldozer ever built. It measures 24 ft. wide, 41 ft. long and 16 ft. tall. Its bulldozer blade, which measures around 90 cubic yard, is tremendously huge and is powerful enough to push 480,000 pounds of earth pile.

There are different ways to acquire a bulldozer for your company or even for your own personal use. You can buy either a new or used unit, or you could also choose to rent. Before you buy one, it’s important that you determine your company’s paying capabilities and find a reputable dealer. Before choosing any brand of bulldozers, be sure that the parts and service repair are accessible.