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If you are stumped while coding a tympanoplasty with mastoidectomy, you are not alone as with the list of similar-looking codes, anyone could get turned around. The important thing is memorizing which codes represent a wall up and wall down approach, and identifying an ossicular chain reconstruction (OCR).

1. Canal wall up with OCR preserves canal, removes Ossicles

The trademark of a canal wall up mastoidectomy is preserving intact the bony posterior external auditory canal. The CPT codes for a wall up approach with OCR are: 69636, 69637, 69642, 69644.

2. Canal wall up no OCR maintains canal and Ossicles

If the surgeon maintains the external auditory canal but does not mention the incus you are looking at a wall up approach without OCR, the codes for which are: 69635, 69641, and 69643.

3. Canal Wall Down means radical Mastoidectomy

The terms ‘radial’ or ‘complete’ tell you the surgeon used a canal wall down approach for the mastoidectomy.

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