Asphalt Roofing Shingles

Asphalt shinglees are by far the most commonly used option for covering a residential roof. There is no doubt about it, the fact that they are reliably inexpensive and durable make them the most popular roofing option.

Asphalt shinglees are basically made of either fiberglass or paper backing soaked with tar. Then by using adhesive, small granules are embedded onto backing. The process described makes the shingle waterproof and makes the shingle more resilient to wear and tear caused by weathering.

Other than pricing, another factor that makes asphalt shingles so popular is the fact that they can make a home very attractive. There are many different manufactures, each with their own color options giving the homeowner a simple and inexpensive way to greatly improve the overall curve appealing of his home.

Manufacturers of asphalt shingles all comply with standards set by the roofing industry, however the quality of the tiles may vary depending on brand. A good way to determine the quality is by clearly examining the warranty offered by the maker backing the product. For the most part you will see a range of warranties anywhere from 5 to 10 years. However in some instances you can find warranties on the higher end of 20 to even 30 years. This type of guarantee will likely come from one of the top asphalt shingle producers, and you can expect the price of the shingles to reflect so accordingly.

When looking at the overall project, keep in mind that you can tell the difference between a 5 year manufacturer's backed shingle and one which is guaranteed for 20 years. The cheaper shingle will appear flatter, may be less decorative and most importantly may have less surface granule content. You will also be much more limited when it comes to selecting color and pre-made trim options. The best option to take for the average homeowner would be to find a mid-range shingle with a decent warranty. This way you can have a very nice looking roof for a moderate price.

Asphalt shinglees are easy to install, however due to the need for tools, carpentry skills, ventilation and weather considerations, roofing a house with asphalt shinglees is best left to professionals. The end result of a newly shingled house is beauty at an inexpensive price. With cost and time savings considered, asphalt roof shingles are often the way to go when you are deciding on a new roof for your home.

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