7 Step Guide to Replacing Damaged Roof Shingles

Tips on Replacing Roof Shingles

Many homeowners are guilty of taking the roof over their heads for granted. A trouble-free roof is often a forgotten roof, but damaged roof shingles can quickly cause an about-face. Nature takes a toll on your home, roof shingles included, and if you do not replace damaged shingles right away, you can end up paying for a whole new roof!

Roofing a home can be a big expense. Up economy or down economy, no one wants to have to pay for something that big, let alone pay for the workers. Contractors can charge anywhere from $ 4000 to $ 10,000 to replace an averaged size, shingled roof. Sometimes they do good work, sometimes they do poor work. When pushed to get started on the next roofing job contractors may cut corners to finish your job quicker. This can lead to future problems for you the homeowner.

This guide teaches you how to save time and money by replacing damaged shingles yourself.

Roofing Materials and Roofer Tools

If you need new shingles, you can find them at most home repair shops for under $ 30 a square. Make sure you get shingles that match the ones on your roof. Take a sample shingle from your current roof to the store and pick something that matches. You will also need a hammer, crowbar, ladder, safety equipment, new roofing tacks and sure footing.

Replacing Roof Shingles

Make sure you follow standard roofing safety practices. Secure your ladder. Wear a harness. Use safety glasses. Plan the work.

Now get started:

  1. Get under the shingles directly above the damaged section of roofing. Just push the crowbar under the shingle to lift it up. This permits access to the roofing nails that hold the shingles to the roof.
  2. Also lift the shingles above the damaged shingles. This makes it easier to get to the nails.
  3. Remove the nails from the damaged shingles and the shingles above them.
  4. Pull the damaged shingles out from under the shingles above them.
  5. Slip the new shingles into place.
  6. Replace the nails that you took out by hammering new roofing nails into the new shingles. Be sure to keep the nails above the shingle seal-line. Replace the nails on the shingles above the new ones as well; otherwise, water will leak under the shingles or the wind will rip them off the roof.
  7. Finally, flatten out the shingles that you lifted up earlier so that they rest upon the shingles directly below them.

Repeat the above steps until you have replaced all the damaged shingles on your roof. Make sure you check the status of your roof regularly so that you do not overlook damaged shingles and get caught off guard.

Finished Roofing Projects Require Standard Rewards

Your roof is looking nice once again, and if you did a good job, it'll stay nice and keep your house protected for a while. Simple shingle replacement jobs can be accomplished by the average homeowner / handyman. The work only takes a fraction of your day away and will keep those dollars in your pocket.

Now reward yourself with a nice cool drink and relax. You definitely earned it.

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