4 Types of Lubrication Systems

Lubrication systems are designed to lubricate various parts of industrial machinery or equipment to minimize issues with wear or friction that can shorten the usable life of the hardware. The oil or grease used to lubricate the machinery can run on a timer to make sure the parts are kept running smooth at all times. There are several types of lubrication systems to match the specific needs.

Here are four of the most popular types of lubrication systems:

Single line progressive

The single line progressive system has a built-in time controller and operates by pumping oil or grease through a supply line that leads to a main distributor that directs the flow to the relevant parts or components. This is an easy system to operate and only relies on a single metering piston for control, and can easily lubrication up to 150 different points. This system is great for medium-sized applications like print machines, wind turbines and industrial presses.

Single line lubrication

The single line lubrication system is a very flexible choice and makes it possible to scale the setup because of its modular design. The system uses hydraulic pressure to move the oil or grease around the distribution network. This is a useful system for sending the variable volumes of lubricant to the different parts of the machinery. It is easy to operate and automatically sends the set amount of lubricant throughout the system. The single line lubrication system is the preferred choice for small to medium-sized machinery, such as those used in textile, printing and construction.

Dual line lubrication

The dual line lubrication system is a practical choice for the large system with the dispersal of oil or grease sent at a controlled volume to match the specific parts of the machinery. This system makes use of hydraulic pressure to distribute the lubricant, and includes metering devices for the most effective distribution. It is a versatile setup that is easy to extend or reduce and useful in several heavy industries, such as mineral processing, paper production, metal working plants and cement factories. Plus, this is a practical choice for machinery that is located in low temperature environments.

Sing Point automatic lubrication

The single point automatic system is useful for the machinery that needs the single and precise application of lubricant to a certain part. This system is great for elevators, conveyors, pumps, electric motors, or other parts that need frequent lubrication.